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Article: Limited edition: bag & clutch bag

Limited Edition: Bag & Pochette Jo.Maison.Jo

Limited edition: bag & clutch bag

From love for beauty, from the desire to offer all our customers a unique and customizable product the bags and the clutches are born.

They are entirely handmade in Italy by our Brave Sarte, in the original French toile de Jouy available in three different nuances, lined with fresh cotonine and customizable: you can in fact request the embroidery of your name or initials.

Why did we want them? Because we are women and how most women feed an authentic passion for accessories, and we are always looking for the "right piece".

It was a nice teamwork, Giovanna found the toilets, Stefania studied models and Mauro supported the project.

Together we defined the details and followed with passion production, to make another little dream and share it with all of you.

Bag (not just a beauty)

Euro 35.00 to the public (taxable 28,688 - VAT 22% 6.312)

COMPLIMENTARY with a spending equal to or greater than 300 euros


Euro 22.00 to the public (taxable 18,032 - VAT 22% 3.968)

COMPLIMENTARY with an expense equal to or greater than 200.00 euros

"Customization with name or initials" Specify in the notes of the order what you want to write.

Don't forget to choose the color you prefer when ordering.

Until stocks exhaustion and colors

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