DOSTEMOL PROBIOTIC antidote - 100 ml

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Suitable for any age and every type of skin, formulated to be used on face and body, our new antidote is enriched with the precious probiotic repair, which helps to reconstruct DNA

of epithelial cells damaged by ultraviolet rays.

In addition, the biological aloe vera juice gives relief to the skin thanks to its soothing properties and anti -redness by hydrating it and nourishing it at the same time thanks also to the presence of NMF, a mix of moisturizers already naturally present in the epidermis with well -known humid properties.

The antidote after -school is a precious ally of the skin, to be used even after "the holidays", because it helps the skin to regenerate in depth, helping to keep it in the optimal state. 


Apply generously on face and body after sun exposure with a light massage, until absorption.


Probiotic repair

cell DNA repairer, contrasts the damage of ultraviolet rays

  • It reduces the risk of formation of spots and dyschromia due to sun exposure


  • nutritious
  • soothing
  • anti -redness
  • calming

           NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) 

  • moisturizing
  • adjuvant in maintaining the optimal level of hydration in the cell

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