Travel Kit Baba Jaga

€75,00 EUR

BABA JAGA - Day and night face treatment line with Snail Slime.

For you who are traveling .. for you who allow yourself a relaxing weekend we have created the Travel Kit with a colorful multipurpose case ...

Snail slime has multiple properties: it is moisturizing, healing, soothing, regenerating and anti-wrinkle. Starting from this precious elixir, we created the "Baba Yaga" Serum and Cream inspired by the fascinating archetypal figure of the Witch of the same name. The fairy tale tells of this free woman and wild goddess who lives in a house that walks on crow's feet inside which invisible servants grant her every wish; Baba Yaga is able to transform into what he desires and helps those who deserve it by creating magical potions.

We discovered and learned about drool during a trip to South America, a very precious remedy that has its origins in the most remote history: already in ancient Greece, Hippocrates used its decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin irritations.

Contenuto Travel Kit:

    • Mini Size - Baba Jaga Serum 20ml
    • Mini Size - Baba Jaga Cream
    • 20ml
    • Mini Size - BB Baba Cream Jaga 
  • 20ml

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