Baba Jaga

Our Snail Slime day and night treatment line.

Snail Slime is a precious remedy known since ancient times: in Greece Hippocrates used to exploit its decongesting and anti- inflammatory properties to soothe skin irritations.

Anyway, the real “boom” occourred in the Eighties, in Chile, when it was noticed how beautiful and soft was the skin of the hands of those who worked in snail breedings.

Snail slime has so many properties: moisturizing, healing, soothing, regenerating and anti wrinkle. So, from these precious elixir we created “Baba Jaga “ Serum, Cream, and BB Cream inspired from the captivating archetypal figure of the enchantress. The fairy tale tells about this wild and free goddess, who lives in a house that walks and even dances, a house that she shares with invisible servants who grant her every desire; Baba Jaga is able to turn herself into anything she wants, and helps those who deserve it with her magic potions.

“Baba Jaga” Serum and Cream are our own magic potions.