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Fanfare and drumrolls, jo.maison.jo reveals the secret of the perfect tan! So, when does the perfect tan beauty routine begin?

Of course long before sunbathing; you need to prepare your skin by exfoliating to remove dead cells and moisturizing to minimize the risk of dryness and flaking.

A good peeling, applied with a circular massage from bottom to top, has many properties: besides elimination of dead cells it stimulates microcirculation improving skin’s youthful and allows better penetration of treatments.

Second step: moisturize, moisturize and then moisturize again, to keep skin elastic and glowy. jo.maison.jo’s secret is to nourish skin even before applying your sun lotion. We have created a mousse, La Mer qui D-Vague, with ialuronic acid and panthenol, that we can compare to a serum: a light, oil free but deep penetrating formula, with a light and soft texture, perfect before sun lotion, for a double hydration.

And finally we are on the beach, pretty and bright, ready for the sun… but we need protection, we need the right SPF for our skin to tan safely because the risk factor is high: erythema, sunburns and wrinkles are just around the corner… We developed a sun line with clinically tested filters combined with natural beses, nourishing and antiage, to guarantee the best performance: we recommend to repeat application every two/three hours while sunbathing and after every bath.

And finally, after a long day under the sun, it’s time for night treats or night out, and after a shower or a bath it’s time for aftersun lotion.

Our “Antidoto” is the perfect choice because it is made with Aloe, and it is so light and fresh… you can’t do without!

Just try, and feel the difference… With love…

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