The slanting cat of the suburbs eyes, make up with kohl. A face with fine, mobile features, like water. Red cheeks, for the blusher. Thin and ductile lips like a steel wire, but lit by scarlet red like a real street kid.” This is how, in 1947, Truman Capote described Sidonie Gabrielle Colette, born in 1873 in Bourgogne and soon became just Colette, one of the greatest french writers of the last century but also, and most of all, a free woman, starring of the social and literary scene of the Belle Epoque, actress and singer of music-hall and at one point also founder of a cosmetic line named of course “Colette” that she personally used to sell in her own Beauty Salon in Paris, 6 Rue Miromesnil.

Colette's debute occurred at about twenty years old, when she moved to Paris with her first husband, Willy, a journalist who initiated her to literary life and to freedom of habits and liking, and driven by Willy, for his own glory, she began to write her first novels about “Claudine”, the sensual teenage who scandalized France.

When she broke up with Willy Colette continued her writing carrer while performing and dancing in music halls .

A second wedding with the nobleman Henry gave birth to a daughter, and the third tied her for life to her beloved Maurice, an intellectual younger than Colette, who assisted her till death, during the long disease that forced her to immobility, so that the windows of the apertament at Palais Royal became her observatory on the world.

A world always observed with her cat's eyes, clear sharp and precise, and described with a scripture of incomparable lightness, able to sketch memorable characters.

Colette is a woman, a writer that we invite you to discover o rediscover through her novels, we particularly love “Cheri” and “Dialogues de betes”, in wich her adored french bouledogue Toby Chien has the starring role... by the way... do you know that Colette contributed to give fame to this particular kind of dog, whose ugliness served to emphasize the beauty of masters? And that Colette discovered and chose a young and almost unknown Audrey Hepbourn for the film adaptation of her novel “Gigì”?

So we suggest you to discover Colette also by movies like” Gigì”, Stephen Friar's “ Cheri” with Michelle Pfeiffer, or “Colette” with Keira Knightely and, why not...with chansons like “Champs Elysées” by Zaz.