Today I would like to tell you about grandma's beauty tips, vintage suggestions of course, but still valid.

I remember that, beyond industrial quantities of rose water, grandma used to recommend to rinse my face with fresh water every morning... and it works! It surely helps to wake me up and stimulates microcirculation donating a fresh and healthy complexion, real “bonne mine”.

She used fresh water for hair too, mixed with two spoons of vinegar to make them shine.

Used to suggest olive oil masks for hair and dry lips, but I wanna revelate my personal tip: a home made lip balm made of bee's wax melted in bainmarie with a little olive oil and few drops of mandarin essential oil... you can store it in little jar and use it as you need.

And then lemon, that you can rub on hands to clear skin spots, or mix with olive oil for a moisturizing mask to sooth your skin. Very very important! Use lemon only at night, avoid sun exposure with lemon on your skin!

And finally let's talk of chamomile, panacea anti redness for eyes and face; still today, if I spend too many hours at my PC I take a chamomile pack and voilà... I feel better in 10 minutes and I am ready to dive in a luxurious bath, soothing and melting warm water with rice starch!

So goodnight dear ladies, greeting you with the last advice: sleep 6/8 hours per night, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, drink water and laugh as much as you can, that’s the secret to keep young and beautiful...

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