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We met Georgette some time ago... and her big worry was finding products for her "difficult" hair which, following incorrect treatments and colouring, was frizzy, dry and brittle.

Over the years he has tested numerous products without obtaining the desired result.

This is how the collaboration with us was born... we created the Shampoo and Mask by carefully choosing the ingredients... Snail slime, keratin, rosemary essential oil, shea butter, linseed oil and other ingredients to obtain the desired result. ..

Polly Potion shampoo and mask
Jo Maison Jo by Georgette Polizzi,
they are two perfect allies for taking care of your hair.
Once the finished product was tested, Georgette said that in 40 years not
had never had hair so silky and hydrated

Polly Potion N.21 Shampoo
Polly Potion N.21 Shampoo Sale price€30,00 EUR
Polly Potion N.03 Hair Mask
Polly Potion N.03 Hair Mask Sale price€34,00 EUR