Anti-slip draining anti-slip body treatment

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Our effective and fast treatment to reduce cutaneous blemishes.

Our effective and fast treatment to reduce cutaneous blemishes. Body scrub to eliminate dead cells and improve the effectiveness of subsequent treatments, apply it once a week on dry skin with movement from low upwards and circular massage to stimulate the microcirculation, rinse in the shower and your skin will buy Brightness and softness. Our red mud "is in Lama and 'in Lama" once a week (but also two for impact treatment). It is not suitable for those with hyperthyroidism problems and fragile capillaries. From a creamy consistency and a pleasant scent, very easy to apply, stretches a light layer on the parts of the body to be treated (thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms); You don't have to "pack you" but simply leave it up to 30 minutes and the effect will be: decrease up to 2 centimeters of circumference and an activation of the microcirculation combined with a detoxifying effect thanks to the hygroscopic power of red clay. With a constant application the improvement of the treated zones will be visible and lasting. Every day morning and evening Aghia Sofia to firm, feed and elasticize the skin, thanks to the effective action of African Kigelia, collagen and elastin.


This package contains:

  • Le s-crab flotant - body scrub
  • Aghia Sofia Cream firming body
  • He is in Lama, he is in Lama - Red mud



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