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Our fast and effective body treatment to reduce imperfections. Body scrub to eliminate dead cells and empower the effectivness of other treatments, apply it once a week on dry skin with circular movement from bottom to top to stimulate microcirculation, rinse under the shower and your skin will get light and freshness. Our red mud E’ a Lama E’a Lama once a week (but also two!). It cannot be used if you have hyperthyroidism or fragile capillary problems. Creamy and perfumed, easy to apply, spread it on legs, arms and belly; let it work for 30 minutes without” pack you up” and see the result! Circumference reduction up to 2 cm. and a stimulation of microcirculation, detox effect thanks to the hygroscoopic properties of red mud. With constant application the boost will be visible and long lasting. Every day morning and night Aghia Sofia to firm, nourish and elasticize your skin, thanks to the action of african kigelia, collagene and elastine.

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