Our Argireline day and night treatment line.

“Vassilissa“, the Princess, is our most precious line, result of two years of research and experimentation, never on animals!

It was our desire to create a beauy line able to give new tone and freshness to mature skin, and with our biologist we decided to use Argireline, an extremely new plant ingredient with Botox like effects, but without contraindications. It spreads and relaxes your skin,” fills” the lines and wrinkles or decreases them visibly.

Argireline is not harmful chemical and is essential in keeping your skin healty.

The suggestion of the name “Vassilissa “came from the “Vassilissa” fairy tale, where the Princess, while searching for fire, meets Baba Jaga and fearlessly faces all the proofs to get, in the end, all the gifts of the enchantress.