Giovanna, Stefania e Mauro

Cosmetic line was born from our friendship and our desire to make a dream come true.

We are longtime friends, we know each other from the university, more than twenty years, and we’ve been sharing the same interest for art, music, cinema and literature and the same passion for selfcare and cosmetic, passion that became trough time desire to create our own line, a line able to represent and contain all our inspirations.


Longtime interested in natural cosmetic met Padre Emilio Ratti, specialist in natural medicine and phytotherapy, a few years ago, and had the honour to attend him, and learn from his great knowledge and experience few secrets used in our cosmetics.


Marketing and communication manager, immediately shared the project, and has been able, in quite a short time, to network and promote the brand through media and social media, and to plan memorable events in the whole country, events that gave lymph and visibility to


Experienced team manager, supported his friends, his “girls”, agreeing to become president and, as a seasoned Commander, indicate the route.
Thanks to his talent, his natural planning ability and his business clairvoyance we are actually implementing several projects that were only dreams yesterday.

Our Mission

Create high quality cosmetics with the best quality/price relation.

Take care of every detail with love and style.

Use only selected ingredients. is built on the belief that customers want to feel confident and supported in their purchase decisions, so we serve everyone with the best of our skills, class and savoir faire, never compromising our integrity.

In our business style permeates all aspects of our company and we measure our success by the quality of our team.

We take it very seriously, we want to be nothing less than legendary.

Your skin is Unique, Precious e Special

Take care of it with innovative and high quality products.

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