Yule means “Light” and it was natural for us calling Yule our brand new day treatment, inspired by the ancient Winter Solstice Feast, celebrated every year during the longest winter night to announce the return of light.

Yule is a moisturizing day cream enriched with precious plant extracts, working together to give a radiant complexion.

Luminescine, extract from Mullein, is able to turn UV rays into real luminosity reflected from the skin.

Reishi mushroom, so rich in D2 Vitamin, is a precious antiage and has a protective action while Pinus Pinaster bark extract contains more than 40 antioxidants and can prevent skin spots.

But it is not finished yet... Yule contains also an antipollution filter able to protect skin from pollutants, responsible for premature skin aging, and precious vegetable oils that work together to make it the best moistourizing and nourishing treatment, to face every day with radiant energy.