Giovanna, Stefania and .... Becky

From our friendship and the desire to fulfill a dream, the cosmetic line is born

Friendship has been linked to us for more than twenty years, since the times of the university we have shared the love for art, music, cinema and literature, and has always united us the passion for self -care and for the cosmetics, which has become a desire to create a maison all ours, innovative in the formulas, in the corn And in inspiration, which could well represent everything that has always united us.

After three years of research and experiments, she was born

Together we work intensely and in harmony, having a lot of fun, because the best remedy against the wrinkles it's cream from

in which the first ingredient is happiness.

Our mission

Create products of the highest level with excellent value for money.

Treat every detail with love and elegance.

Use only very chosen ingredients.


Always passionate about natural cosmetics at some point in his research path he met Father Ratti, expert in physiotherapy and natural medicines, and was lucky enough to be able to draw a few drops of his infinite wisdom and small secrets of his knowledge ... then Messi In practice, in the elaboration of the formulas of our cosmetics.


Expert in business management and start-ups, he immediately shared the project with enthusiasm, quickly managing to grow and know the brand by implementing effective marketing and communication strategies through social media, media and organization of events, who have given visibility and lymph a

Our mission

Create products of the highest level with an excellent value for money.

Cure Every detail with love and elegance.

Use only Very chosen ingredients. It is built on the belief that customers should feel safe and supported in their purchase decisions, therefore we assist them with the best of our competence, class and Savoir Faire, without ever compromising our integrity.

In our business, the class permeates all aspects of our activity and our success is based on the quality of our team.

We take it very seriously, we don't want to be anything less than legendary.

Your skin is only precious and special take care of it with innovative and high quality products.